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Monday, April 11, 2016

No, I Didn't Break My Stash Diet

I've got just a couple more days left for my stash diet, so of course it's the perfect opportunity to show off some new goodies. One of the most fun parts of working with Tara of The Dyeing Arts is that I can get paid in yarn pretty much whenever I want. And boy, do I want.

Up first is a skein of her Splendiferous Sock base in her Hobbit-inspired colorway, Land of Smaug. I love this skein so much, and after seeing one of her samples, I think this just has to be a plain pair of socks. I'm a huge sucker for anything inspired by Middle Earth, so hopefully I'll get through some of the other sock yarns I have queued up quickly and be able to play with this skein.

This next one is her Lush base, which is the base we used for Nelumbo, but this time in the colorway Nebula. I saw this skein hanging out in a basket, kind of tucked behind some other stuff, and my first thought was "Lisa Frank Snow Leopard!" So I had to have it. This skein is so soft, and I know from experience that it drapes really well. I might make up a Nelumbo of my own with it, but I'm not committed to it yet. I think this skein and I just need to hang out and get to know each other a little better.

Finally, I have a Dye Goblins skein-these ones are non-repeatable colorways, and every time I look in the Dye Goblins baskets I always find amazing things that I wish I could get more of. This skein has the evocative colorway name Bluddie Goblinz #3, and I just fell for that rich color. This is her Noble base, which is a sport-weight merino, so I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet.

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  1. Great acquisitions here. The Nebula one is pretty as it reminds of those NASA photos. The Middle Earth is pretty cool too.

  2. Oh wow those yarns are so pretty! The Nebula looks like candy. The brown one is gorgeous too, I'm sure whatever you make it'll be great.

  3. These are so pretty! I agree that first skein will make a great pair of plain socks!

  4. that is all such gorgeous yarn!

  5. Nothing so wonderful as being able to get new yarn (especially as beautiful as these!) without breaking a yarn diet :-)

  6. ooh, gorgeous yarn!! I love all three, but I think the 3rd is my fave. Just so rich looking.