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Monday, April 4, 2016

Springing Again

Yup, that's the same sock I showed you on Friday, and yup, it looks different. As I mentioned before, I'd gone down a needle size from my usual to knit these, and I wasn't loving the smaller needles or the fabric I was getting, and when I tried the sock on to see how the fit was, it was just a bit too tight. I could get it on, but it was just not going to be comfortable to wear. So I ripped it out.

I've been planning to do contrasting toes from the beginning, but I weighed my sock so far before I ripped it out, and at the rate I was going at least half the foot was going to have to be in the contrast yarn. So this time, I decided to do contrasting cuffs and heels as well, and I am so glad I did. They look so much lighter and springier now, and I was able to get a little extra length in the leg-just an inch, but it's really making a difference for me.

I'm loving knitting these on the larger needles-and now that I'm familiar with the chart, they're zooming along. I'm already past where I was when I ripped out the first time, and it fits perfectly so far. I was nervous starting over from scratch in the last month of the KAL, but I should be able to get these done with just a couple focused knitting days (knock on wood)!

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  1. I like the contrasting cuff with the stitch design, it frames that lovely color work!!

  2. that was a smart solution, to rip it out and have the contrast for the cuff, heel and toes- it's already looking great! You made the right choice.

  3. Ooo I like! Looks great, and solves the problem. :) I'm impressed that you could rip it all back and reknit it that quick though! I think the contrast will make it feel like it goes by quicker too, which will help with getting through both socks in the time left.

  4. Very pretty, love all the colours in there