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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Week After Xmas

I hope every one of you that celebrates Christmas had a very wonderful one! I would apologize for the weeklong silence, but I've been very busy watching movies, eating cookies, and knitting stuff that has absolutely no deadline. In no particular order, I finished my Tubularity (but for buttons and the buttonhole) and knit two hats, finished an adorable baby sweater, started my Purls and Seaweed scarf, and started a plain old boring sock.
One baby sweater, finished and ready to wrap. I already sent apologies to the parents for my tardiness, and the recipient is too young to know any better, so all he'll realize is that he gets to rip paper for another day. I'm hoping the sweater is much too big for him-there's a good four months of winter left, and I want this sweater to last all through it. He's four months old, and I knit the 6-12 month size, so fingers crossed we should be okay (I didn't exactly check my gauge, and I don't have an infant handily available to check sizing on, so I might have my toes crossed too). I love this pattern-it knits up so quick and is such a dream to work on. The only reason it took this long to be ready is because it took three days to dry from blocking.

I also have a new pattern for you all! Meet Cecily:
Cecily is a cabled slouchy hat, made with a slipped stitch body for a dense fabric that won't let any cold in. The no-decrease finishing is one of my favorites, and it leaves a nice loop that you can use to hang the hat from a hook without stretching it out. I'm really please with how this hat came out, and I hope you all enjoy it too.
$5 on Ravelry and Craftsy

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  1. That baby sweater is so adorable! Fingers crossed it'll fit, but if you already went up a size I guess it should be fine. I like the idea of knitting baby stuff so much, but not a lot of babies in my family or amongst my friends yet. Sometimes when I think about having children in the future I start dreaming about all the stuff I can knit for them, is that weird? :D

    And the hat is lovely, it looks very warm and perfect for winter. I never heard of a no-decrease finish though, sounds interesting!