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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Knitting Recap

Aside from the last-minute baby sweater, I only knit two presents this year. First up, we have a Song of the Sea scarf for my mum out of Knit Picks Gloss (thanks to Anemone for modeling!):
I absolutely love how this came out. It was really easy to follow, and it kept a nice rhythm all the way through the project. I loved this yarn, too. It's ridiculously difficult to photograph (picture on the left has the truest to life color), but it was very nice to work with, and the silk adds just enough shine. I did end up adding an extra repeat of the medium size waves, and I switched the ribbed edges for 4 rounds of seed stitch on either side to help prevent rolling. Other than that, I followed the pattern exactly.
Anemone's present was the Red Robin Shawl, in Knit Picks Stroll in Midnight Heather. This yarn is tricky too-it looked deep navy on my computer screen, then almost black in person, and it blocked out to a nice dark, heathered blue in the FO. This knit up very quickly as well, and I added extra repeats to both the textured stitch section and the garter stitch border. I absolutely love how it came out:
I'm really pleased with both of these, and I liked not having to rush knitting presents in the last days before Christmas. However I did end up feeling a little disjointed this Christmas-it never felt quite right, like it was actually Christmas. I wonder how much of that was getting the knitting out of the way so far in advance.


  1. Oh the Song of the Sea pattern is on my to knit list for so long now already. I adore the colour you chose for it!

  2. Your gifts came out beautifully! I also knit up a song of the sea as a gift this year. It's a great pattern that makes a beautiful scarf!