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Friday, December 5, 2014

FO: Dårlig Ulv Stranden

These were such a fun knit, and I'm so pleased with the result. I modified these up the wazoo, so here we go:

1. 9 rounds of ribbing at the cuff instead of 8 because I lost track
2. Added 9 rounds of ribbing at the top of the hand because I think it makes it look more finished and balances out the ribbing at the cuff.
3. Thumb ended with four rounds of ribbing, again, to match the hand and cuff.
4. Mirrored the small twists framing the larger diamond motif because I have this thing about symmetry.
5. Flipped the diamond motif on the second glove so the pair would be mirrored, again, because of symmetry.

Again, I am so pleased with how these came out. I'm super impressed with how well the cables pop in this yarn, and the gloves fit, well, like a glove. They've been my go-to pair in my purse for whenever I need a little something extra on my hands.

Ravelry Page: Dårlig Ulv Stranden
Yarn: Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, "orange"

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