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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Numbers Because It's That Kind of Week

1. FINALLY started Xmas knitting (well, one of them-the second one I'm having second thoughts on, but I think I'm still going to go for it). It's later than I usually start, because for some reason I can't get in the right mood for it this year. But like I said, I started Top Sekrit Xmas Project #1 and so far it's going really well. Except I'm already nervous about running out of yarn. So I really need to get this one done soon in case I need to order more.

2. In case you've dropped the holiday knitting ball too, I have a quick accessory pattern coming out this week. I love it, I think it's super cute, and it knits up in a couple hours. Boom. So keep an eye out for that.

3. It's finally starting to get cold here, which means I've been fighting with my office HVAC system again. My office won't get above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn't super terrible, but it does get a little chilly. To cope, I have two pairs of fingerless gloves in progress right now (actually just finished the first glove of one pair last night but haven't taken any pictures yet).

4. Friday I'm taking the day off work to go see Anemone for Halloween and I realized that I have two different reward punch cards for the yarn store there that each have only $60 left before I get free yarn, so we'll see how that develops.

5. Related to Xmas knitting: intarsia is weird and I'm definitely doing it wrong but I am a wayward knitter and rules are dumb. At least it looks cool so far.

6. I maybe accidentally cast on for a pi shawl this week even though I have Xmas knitting to do and a buttload of design projects to start finish.

7. I'm really sorry there's no pictures today but I promise there will be tons of pics next time.

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