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Monday, October 27, 2014

FO: Havina

 I was worried about this shawl for a while-it seemed like it was going so well after I had to start it over, but then it started feeling like it was never going to end. Once I finally got to the border it started flying along again, but there definitely was a rough patch in the middle there.
Now that it's all done, it's so worth it. Blocking it was an adventure, as I told you all. It took longer to dry than most shawls, so I had to carry the dogs around the mess of pins in the floor for a couple of days. I've worn it several times since it finished blocking, and I really like the size of it. The yarn is absolutely perfect, and a perfect match to this pattern. I'm really very pleased with it and so far I love having it in my shawl rotation.
Ravelry Page: Havina

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