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Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Stuff and Organization

Yesterday the postman brought me the best kind of mail.
Holiday edition of Knit Simple, plus some books from KnitPicks 40% off sale, buttons for my Gothic Lace cowl, and a nice big bottle of Kookaburra wool wash. Yum. I've already flipped through both stitch dictionaries, and they're definitely worth the investment, and I'll hopefully be spending a lot of time looking through Knit to Flatter. From a quick first glance, it looks like there's a lot of good information in there to chew over.

Yesterday I also finally sat down and organized my circular needles. They used to just be thrown all in these two boxes, all tangled up, and it took a while to find what I was looking for.
I hesitated to look for a new solution for a while, because I figured this worked. I also tend to be really picky about how I keep my things, and I didn't want to invest in a new option if I wasn't sure about it. Enter the paper accordion file:
I've seen other people use this solution, so when my brother decided he didn't want this one anymore I grabbed it. It's a low-risk solution, and so far I love it. Eventually I'd like to invest in a good vinyl one, but for now I like this a lot. I cast on an impulse project last night and got the right needle in 5 seconds. Seriously. I even labeled the tabs!
So yay. Personal growth. This has also motivated me to finally get or make some needle rolls for the double points. Because as cute as the vintage teapot is, it's ridiculously difficult to find a complete set without dumping everything out.
The teapot is still super cute though, so I'll still definitely keep some sets in there, but there will definitely have to be more discretion about what goes in it.

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  1. That is such a clever way of storing circs. My current system is basically that there is no system, so it could do with some improvement.