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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Knit-Filled Vacation

I am officially on vacation right now. For the next week, I don't have to even think about my day job. This is my first proper week off since college, probably, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

So far, my vacation is off to a pretty good start with two things blocking right now.  However, I may be foiled in my attempt at one FO for want of decent buttons. But at least I can go to the yarn store this week, and they may have buttons (if not, the project will end up in a bag in my closet for a few years, buttonless). At least I have one definite FO coming:
My Havina shawl, and it is gorgeous. I took pictures to see just how big this blocked out to, and it grew a lot, considering it's mostly stockinette. Can't wait to get FO pics of this one.

On a different note entirely, it turns out that while I have no problem writing a cable chart, I am apparently incapable of reading a cable chart. I was hoping just to tear back the center 15 stitches, but I ended up tearing out all the cables.  Knitting surgery is going well so far, and I should have an up-to-date progress photo on this bad boy soon.

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  1. I hope your vacation will be filled with lots of knitting and relaxation! :) So far your first FO is looking really good.