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Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekend Planning

For some reason this week has been exhausting, and I'm really looking forward to having a three-day weekend. Tonight I'm going to my mum's, and I'll help her with a pair of mittens she's knitting and a quilt she's sewing, and I'll snuggle the dogs, and we'll eat pizza, and it will be delightful.

I've been wanting to go on a nature walk for a while now, and I'm kicking myself for not going last weekend when it was gorgeous out. This weekend is supposed to get well below zero and we're supposed to get snow as well, so I'm planning on putting in some movies and hunkering down with warm beverages and knits. I'm well into the leg of my first Ex Nine sock now, and I have the pattern memorized, so it's easy to pick up and put down in small moments I find throughout the day. I'm really loving how these are knitting up so far, and it will be great to add a new pair of socks to my drawer.

I'm still about halfway through The Nordic Theory of Everything, but I haven't touched it the last couple days. The chapter on healthcare was really upsetting and stressful to read, but I still want to finish this book. Hopefully I can power through it one evening this weekend. I've also picked up Get Well Soon this week, which is a delightfully fun book about the history of different diseases, and it's been just the right thing to balance out reading about how many Americans go bankrupt because of medical bills. 

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  1. pretty sock knitting and that is what I'm working on this weekend as well besides my sweater. Hope your weekend is going as predicted!!