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Monday, January 28, 2019

New Pattern: The Poet Dreams of the Mountain

I don't remember the first time I read Mary Oliver. She's one of those poets that, for me, feels like she's always been present in my life. I do remember rediscovering her several years ago: finding one of her books on the library shelves as I scoured the poetry section, remembering that there was something familiar and beautiful about her work, and taking the book home.

I devoured it in one sitting.

Mary was one of the first poets I turned to when I decided to start writing seriously a few years ago, but it turns out she's been more of an influence in other parts of my life. Notice beauty. Embrace simplicity. Walk gently. Take the time to be still. 

Growing up, I spent part of every summer in the mountains. They are a second home for me, and reading Mary's words about the mountains feels like being back on granite ledges, shaded by pines and gazing out across toward Imp Face. 

“The Poet Dreams of the Mountain” by Mary Oliver

Sometimes I grow weary of the days with all their fits and starts. 
I want to climb some old grey mountain, slowly taking 
The rest of my life to do it, resting often, sleeping 
Under the pines or, above them, on the unclothed rocks. 
I want to see how many stars are still in the sky 
That we have smothered for years now, forgiving it all, 
And peaceful, knowing the last thing there is to know. 
All that urgency! Not what the earth is about! 
How silent the trees, their poetry being of themselves only. 
I want to take slow steps, and think appropriate thoughts. 
In ten thousand years, maybe, a piece of the mountain will fall.

The Poet Dreams of the Mountain is worked sideways in 1x1 rib and a ribbed lace pattern. Knit in bulky-weight yarn, this shawl knits up quick, so you have time to get back outside to the mountains, the plains, or even just the dog park.

Lace pattern is both charted and written out.

The Poet Dreams of the Mountain is now available on Ravelry, and is 20% off through Wednesday, January 30th. 

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  1. Oh it's pretty! I'm not a huge fan of triangle shaped shawls because I have no idea how to wear them, but I love how you've styled it! :)