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Monday, January 14, 2019

Sockening Time

Good morning, kittens! I hope you all had a restful weekend. I spent most of Saturday working—unfortunately, I don't have anything to show for it other than a big pile of what didn't work, but that's a big part of the creative process, and it's important even if it's kind of a bummer sometimes.

I let myself have Sunday off completely. I started a new book, I took a bath, I baked a coffee cake, and I finally cast on my Ex Nine socks for the Juntos KAL. I've loved these socks ever since Kristen released them, and I had planned to knit them for the Gift Along, but then December was an over-scheduled disaster and I never got them cast on. I've just got the barest start of the cuff so far, but I'm really excited to see how these knit up.

Tap class starts up again this week, so I'm back up to two nights out of the house. I didn't get quite as much sample knitting done over the weekend as I'd hoped, and I'm behind where I wanted to be, but I reworked my progress goal for this week and I still feel pretty good about where I am. I'd love to get this sweater pattern done for February, and that should still be more than doable.

Do you have any fun plans for the week?

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  1. Really love those colors together. Look forward to seeing them all knit up. I have not yet mastered the patience (or the dpn's) for sock knitting, so I can live vicariously! :)