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Friday, December 8, 2017

Stripes Upon Stripes

I'm still working steadily on my Leventry for the GAL. This is my dedicated lunch/choir knitting, so it's growing pretty steadily. The one gift that I'm working on as part of the GAL is more complex, so that's relegated to the evenings, when I can hide in my room and work on it with conspiracy theory documentaries in the background.

I have about eight more stripes before I can start the lace border here, and I keep trying to convince myself that shawl rows don't get longer and it'll be no problem to have the striped section done this weekend. It's going to be a busy weekend for me- my choir's carol service is Sunday morning, and we have a two-hour rehearsal on Saturday to prepare for it, plus we're singing again at the town carol service on Sunday night. Plus I have auditions for the community theater dinner theater show on Saturday afternoon, so I'll be lucky to get much knitting done at all.

Are you participating in the GAL? What are you working on now?

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