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Friday, December 1, 2017

All GAL, All the Time

For those of you following along at home, I did manage to finish my NaKniSweMo sweater with two days to spare! Buttons are en route, and I'm planning on blocking it this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to share real pictures of it soon.

Now that that's done, I can really dive in and focus on GAL fun. Last night I finished the Top Sekrit baby knit for my friend, and I'll be able to share that with you next week, and I've been going to town on my Leventry. I've been in love with this pattern for ages, and I'm having such a blast knitting it up in the GAL forums.

I have one actual xmas present that I'm knitting, and I started that one last night. I am a little bit nervous about finishing it on time, but as long as I work on it for at least an hour or two every day I should have no problem getting it finished.

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  1. Congrats on finishing the sweater! Love the two colors you chose for Leventry!