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Monday, December 18, 2017

Easy A-Long Prep

I'm woefully behind on xmas knitting, I have several unfinished GAL projects floating around, and I was sick last week and part of the weekend. So, of course, the best thing to turn my attention to is preparing for the Easy A-long!

I've had these yarns in my stash for several months- they reminded me of a mermaid so much that I just had to get them, and I think they'll look great striped up in an Easy A. I need to break out my colored pencils to play around with some stripe/colorblocking sequences to see what I want to go with, but just having the yarn is a big step!

This is the same yarn that I knit my samples from, but I'll still need to swatch in case my gauge has tightened or loosened at all since the end of summer. I'm also going to have to wind these by hand, since they're way too big to fit on my ball winder!

Come on and join us in my Ravelry group- I'm loving seeing people's yarn choices! And remember, Easy A is 20% off leading up to the KAL with code "EASYALONG."

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