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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I've been carrying around my Henri for lunch knitting, and I'm doing really well on the front. I'm ready to start increasing for the other side of the neckline now, and not too long after that I'll get to decrease for the sleeve. There's no way that I'm going to get this whole sweater finished by the end of the BK Hipster KAL, but I'm having lots of fun participating, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying this sweater at some point this fall/winter.

I'm actively working on five WIPs right now, including a couple that I haven't shared with you all yet, so I'm really appreciating having my lunch breaks dedicated to this sweater. To me, that's the key for juggling multiple WIPs- having assigned times to work on them. I have another project I work on when I'm watching TV in the evenings, and two projects that I switch between for choir practice. I've always tried to have different projects on hand for different situations, but I'm really just now getting the hang of it, and it feels so good to know when it's time to work on which project.

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