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Friday, March 31, 2017

WIP: Guernsey Wrap

I brought one other project with me when I went to visit my friends last weekend- longtime readers might remember that these friends brought me back some gorgeous Donegal Tweed from their trip to Ireland a couple years ago. It's been sitting in my stash since  then while I tried to figure out what exactly to make with it. I finally decided that it would be perfect as a Guernsey Wrap, and I cast on the day before I left.

I was a bit nervous working with this at first- it's a single ply, and a bit thick and thin, and it broke several times during the cast on. Fortunately, that seems to have been a result of my propensity for tight cast-ons, and I haven't had any issue with it since then.

I've made it through two repeats of the first chart so far, and I'm loving it so much. We're definitely coming to the part of the year when I won't need a big cozy wrap, but I'm still super excited to have this great memento of my friends' trip!


  1. I've been wanting to knit that pattern for months but something else always seems to take precedence. LOVE the color you're using!

  2. oooh, what a great yarn and pattern combo- that guernsey wrap has been on my mind off and on for years now.