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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day to all of the magnificent, hardworking, passionate women out there! Today I decided to give a shout out to some of my favorite women around the knitting blog circuit-our community has so many incredible women in it (especially since this is such a women-heavy industry) and I definitely don't give everyone the number of shout outs they deserve!

Brandy @ What's not to love? She designs gorgeous, gorgeous things, dyes incredible, playful yarns, and is a doctor (not that kind of doctor)! She even started the dyeing part of her business, Long Dog Yarns, while she was in the final stages of her PhD! I mean, if I had a tenth of the drive and time-management ability Brandy does, I can't even imagine.

Leah @ Leah is a fantastic designer-some of my favorite finished objects come from her patterns-and she also has the distinct honor of writing the only crochet pattern that doesn't make me swear up a storm.

Teresa @ Teresa is Leah's partner in crime the Great Northern book, and she's a fierce designer as well. She is a crop top queen, and she's spending this year reseraching and analyzing sizing standards as part of her Knit Petite Project to help all knitters figure out their fit pitfalls and make garments that accomodate their bodies.

Cory @ Cory is one of the best pattern writers I've ever come across, and she is a genius at bringing dozens of sources of inspiration together into one carefully edited pattern. She also really knows how to have fun with clothes and fashion, and it was her blog that encouraged me to explore my own love of style and fashion more.

Heather @ When I first met Heather in the blogosphere, she was a geologist, sewer, knitter, crocheter, and all around badass. Now she's all those things and she owns a yarn store. I don't know how she finds enough hours in the day to run a successful brick and mortar shop and sew and craft, but she does, and seeing a new post pop up or getting a message from her always puts a smile on my face.

Joan of Dark @ Joan was one of the first online knitters I ran into back in college, and she's a constant source of inspiration. She's funny, she's smart, she has amazing adorable animals, she runs a coffee shop, does roller derby and aerial lyra, and still finds time to write knitting books! Her blog and patterns really inspired me to be creative and have fun with knitting, and her general outlook on life constantly motivates me to try new things and find the things I'm really passionate about.

Holly @ Holly has been my tech editor for two years now, and every day I'm thankful for her. She is better at math than I could ever hope to be, on top of just being one of the nicest people I know and an amazing designer. She's also got a crasy amount of drive-on top of designing and tech editing, she's also a realtor and avid rock climber, and her adventures always make me want to pack up and hike through a national park for a week or two.

I hope you all have a fantastic International Women's Day, and that you all have a chance to appreciate and thank some of the fantastic women in your life!

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