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Friday, October 9, 2015

Thoughts on Fall

I've been putting off saying it out loud because I didn't want to jinx anything, but it's really fall outside now! I'm hearing that we're not going to get a real frost here until the end of the month, which is good news for me-I have several knits that I've promised to people "before it snows," so as long as the ground stays clear I have a little more knitting time.

I love fall so much-winter is probably my favorite season, but that's most likely because fall around here usually only lasts about 5 days before it snows. Everyone is getting so much more excited about knitting and wearing knits-I love seeing the parade of sweaters, scarves, and socks I've knit for people slowly coming out of their storage bins and re-entering the world.

Summer always feels so busy and rushed, and I love that the cold gives us an excuse to slow down again. The cold allows us to bake bread from scratch again, and take the time to let it rise. We love soup in my family, and it's cool enough now that we can keep a giant pot of vegetable soup on the stove, simmering all day-totally unimaginable in the summer!

So, for as long as it lasts for you all-enjoy fall! Because winter will be here before we know it.


  1. So true! I love Fall too - I'm not a summer nut like most people! I'd take Fall or Winter anyday over the other seasons!

  2. I love your purple velvet skirt with your cute Oxfords.

  3. Your Oxfords are brilliant.
    I am a Fall and Winter girl as well. I agree, the cold helps me to slow down and regroup.

  4. Yes, I am loving the parade of knits, too! Glad you're enjoying fall. I know I am!!

  5. I love that fall has arrived too! Indeed the surge of knitting motivation/inspiration is amazing!