Rules for Feeding the Stash

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Assembly Required

Every year for my birthday, I like to get myself something special. Last year, it was my second set of lobe piercings, and in years before that it's been things like a pricey bottle of my favorite adult beverage or a new outfit (complete with shoes). It's my way of treating myself to the occasion, and I realize that my birthday has come and gone already, but the last six weeks just ran away from me and here I am at the tail end of October and I haven't told you what special something I treated myself to.

This year, I bought a sweater.

I'd seen this yarn at Athena Fibers a few time, and I'd been really attracted to that aggressively bright yellow, and when I was hanging out in Sioux Falls with Anemone for our traditional birthday shenanigans, I decided to dive in and buy the lot. (I ended up getting the whole batch for more than half off, so I'm clearly destined to be clothed in a ferociously yellow alpaca-merino sweater. I promise, it's really bright-incredibly difficult to photograph, but definitely a bit neon. I love it.)

I've got enough here for a cozy pullover, and probably a matching cowl as well. I have plans for the sweater already, and I've told myself I can't wind these up and cast on until mum's sweater and the accidental sweater are done. Which wouldn't be terrible, except I have just the sleeves left on both (ughh sleeves). I did manage to get the idea in my head to have this yellow one done by Thanksgiving, since I like wearing new knits for holidays and I'm addicted to giving myself ridiculous deadlines. With luck and determination the next few weeks will have some serious sweater action going on-just in time for winter!


  1. Good for you on treating yourself for your la hanau! I like this yellow.

  2. What a cool idea, buying yourself an awesome pressie. Love that yarn! I think that time line Is manageable...just ;)

  3. What a great birthday present! I also tend to buy myself a little something every year, only this year I already did so and my birthday is still over a month away (woops!). That yellow is so fantastic, it'll look so pretty in a pullover.