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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Tale of Two Cowls

I have two new cowl patterns coming out this month, and while they're pretty different from each other, they share a source of inspiration and are tied together in my mind.Both of these cowls are inspired by yarn: actually, they're each inspired by the exact yarns they're knit up in here.

First is Kermit-the yarn here is some dyed by my friend Tara. It's from her "Goblin Dye Works" line, which means that the two skeins I had were the only ones that would ever exist. I knew that I wanted to take full advantage of the color action going on here, and I wanted the change between brown and red to be the focal point. I toyed with a couple of different ideas before settling on some staggered ribbing, and I'm so pleased with it-it has a lovely bounce and drape, and it's so easy to wear with most of my fall outfits. I love a nice plain pattern for gorgeous dyed yarns-sometimes you just need to let the colors sing, and not detract from them too much with a complicated stitch pattern.

Pelligan was similarly inspired by some special yarn-I managed to snag the last two skeins of Bijou Spun Gobi Limited at Athena Fibers, and I loved the feel of the luxury blend so much, I knew it needed a pattern that would let those amazing fibers shine. I love the texture I got here, and it adds just the right amount of interest to a cowl where the fibers are the true stars.

Both cowls are worked in DK weight yarn, and since they're both meant for special yarns, there will be options in each pattern for 100g and 200g amounts. Kermit will be offered as a six-inch wide scarf, as well as the foot-wide option here, and Pelligan will have options for this cowl length as well as a full scarf. I just need to block the final samples and do a photoshoot, then these puppies are ready to go! I haven't decided which one to release first yet-which do you guys think? Or should I just go big and send them both into the wild at once?

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  1. Beautiful kat! I think you should release both at once :) i can't wait to knit Pelligan!

  2. You've been so prolific m'dear! How do you get so much knitting done?

  3. Beautiful cowls!
    And thanks so much for supporting Great Northern. We're so close!

  4. love both your new cowl patterns, they are gorgeous!! And I'm excited for the Twin Peaks collection, I watched the whole series and the film back in the day. I've contributed!

  5. I love both cowls, they look so incredibly cosy!