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Friday, April 10, 2015

FO: Shrowl

Last weekend while Anemone was here, I finished the seams for her Shrowl and we got pictures. This was actually a very enjoyable knit. As I've mentioned before, I normally am not especially fond of knitting anything scarf-like, but the garter ribbing in this had a really nice rhythm and was a good side project-barely needed any attention, but didn't make me fall asleep.

The yarn was a find at one of the consignment stores in town-a lot of times there's mostly junk stuff, but I've gotten a couple of nice yarns there, and it's always nice to find something for $2 or less a ball. The color was totally Anemone, and after some going back and forth, she asked for "something convertible."

I knit this pretty much exactly as written. I was a little short of the recommended yardage, so I just knit until I had 5-7 yards left, to make sure I had enough for the seams and a little bit for my scrap stash. I was a bit nervous about this fitting on the futon to block, but it worked out perfectly.

Ravelry Page: Shrowl
Pattern: Shrowl, by Stephen West


  1. Oh wow Kat this looks amazing! Nice job (: and I love the blue color

    1. Thanks! I really love the color, I'm so glad I grabbed it when I saw it :)

  2. Oh, how neat! It is convertible! Looks really nice, especially in that blue! Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it? It's one of Anemone's favorites-I can see why!