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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bar Knitting

Today I'd like to talk to something very near and dear to my heart: Knitting In Bars.

I learned how to knit in college, which means that just as I started getting good, my friends and I started frequenting a couple of chosen establishments.  After the first couple of times, my friends started frisking me before we'd go out, to make sure I wasn't sneaking in any knitting.

Since then, I've gotten very good at knitting in bars.  It's kind of my thing, and I know it's a thing for many other people too.  I live in a small town, so people recognize me as the person who knits in the bar.  Sometimes, people will try to tell me that knitting in a bar is sad.  I've grown used to telling them that, "wine makes me happy, and knitting makes me happy, so when you mix the two, I'm extra-super happy."

I try to bring more visibility to bar knitting.  Pretty much every knitter I've ever met has admitted to knitting in bars, but it's still not very visible.  Of the 10 photos in the #barknitting tag on Instagram, 3 are mine, and none of the rest are more recent than two and a half months.  So this is my challenge to you: be proud of your bar knitting.  Raise your yarn, raise your glass, and tag away.  We are a force for good, warriors for happiness and relaxation.  We are not boring because we knit in bars.  (If you need any encouragement, I get approached in bars way more when I'm knitting than when I'm not, and it usually results in an actual conversation instead of awkward one-liners and stilted small talk.)

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