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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Special Yarn

I have a little old glass container that sits on my bookshelf.  Inside it, I keep only my most special yarn.

I think long and hard about what yarn gets to go into the jar.  Right now I only have three things in here: I've got the first single I ever spun, the first yarn I solar dyed (my second dye job ever), and the leftovers from the scarf I knit my Hebrew teacher when I graduated.


My first single.  Bobby pin included for scale.

Everything in here is small.  The size of the jar dictates my level of discretion for what gets inside it, so I'm very picky.  I think it's nice to have a little place for just my most special fiber memories.  All the rest of my leftovers get jumbled around in a variety of containers, but these ones are treated just a little nicer.

Do any of you have a special place for your most important fiber? 

(PS: I have some awesome new knitting to show you this week.  And new yarn.  It's been a good few days.)

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