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Sunday, May 4, 2014

I think Numbers on a Sunday is going to be a thing now...

1. I finished knitting Anemone's Epidemic yesterday.  I ran into some trouble when it was time for the arm and neck shaping, but I worked it out and managed to keep it pretty intuitive.  Final photos will need to wait until Anemone comes for a visit and we can do a photo shoot, but I'm hoping to have the pattern ready by the end of this month.

2. I'm up to the heel of my mum's second sock, which puts me comfortably on schedule to have those done for Mother's Day. 

3. Mottled Daydream is almost entirely frogged.  I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to work on it for a while given all the other knitting I have this summer, but I'll need something easy and relatively portable on the needles, so maybe this will be a WIP again soon.

4. Now that I've just said that, I remembered I want to knit myself a Wispy Cardi for work.  My usual uniform is a dress or tank with a cardigan, but I need more lightweight cardigans now that summer's coming.  I plan to do this in cotton crochet thread, but I haven't decided a color yet.  Right now I'm leaning towards red.

5. I need to draw up the charts for the table runner I'm designing for my friends' wedding present.  That needs to get started fairly soon, as right now the plan involves both a provisional cast-on and grafting lace, both of which I struggle with.

6. I need to buy yarn for Baby Blanket No.1 soon.  Those things always take longer than I think they will. 

7. I finally finished A Clash of Kings!  That only took forever.  I started A Storm of Swords after lunch and hopefully will stick with this one better.  I'd like to have all the ASOIAF books currently out read by the end of the summer, so I can finally watch Game of Thrones. 

8. Also I finally mastered the art of the mug brownie.  There are no pictures because it was so good and I ate it too fast.

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