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Monday, October 12, 2020


Kind of a weird weekend here. The vet called late on Thursday needing to reschedule Lee Lee's dental, which kind of threw off all my plans. Her appointment is now scheduled for this Thursday, and hopefully there's not another scheduling issue. I ended up spending most of Friday with my mum, which was the plan for after the dental anyway. We watched some Diagnosis Murder and I got two mum-cooked meals, so it was overall a good day. I had some homework to do this weekend too, and while it only took a few hours all together I had the hardest time actually sitting down and focusing long enough to do it. 

I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I'm just not knitting a whole lot right now. I try to knit during class, but otherwise I'm not really touching it. I'm wondering if part of it is because most of my WIPs right now are samples and I don't really feel like working after doing my day job and classes, or if I'm just more tired in general from adding school into my regular schedule. Also, it's a weird year, and we're all really tired. The good news is that my knitting is here when I want it.

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