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Monday, October 5, 2020

Day 206

For the past several days I've had a string of stress dreams and nightmares, but last night I finally got a break, and I hope that whatever's going on in my brain at night is done with. It's not surprising: I'm closing in on seven months of being limited to my apartment, my mum's apartment, and weekly grocery shops. The only person I see a lot of is my mum, and while I love her to bits and am so glad I get her in my bubble, I'm missing a lot of the people that I usually see at least weekly.

I've broken my collection of candles back out and I'm really enjoying having one lit almost constantly. I cleared a little space on my desk so I can have one going while I work and attend class, and I put a couple candles in my bedroom as well. I've also been looking up new candles online (I have a particular weakness for ones incorporating tobacco scent) but I'm not buying any yet, because Lee Lee has a dental on Friday and I owe over a thousand dollars to my diabetic supply company, so we're not really buying anything that's not strictly necessary right now. 

Okay, the knitting—that's what you're all really here for, I know. This is a super soft, super cozy shawl sample I'm working up. It's about a quarter finished (it's gonna be BIG) and it's done with a strand of worsted weight held together with a laceweight mohair. I'm using Ecola Worsted and Pinnacle Lace from The Dye Project, so there's some silk in there too, making this just a joy to work up. I don't know when it will be finished or written up (I've given up on having knitting deadlines while I'm in school), but I'm hoping it's relatively soon. 

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