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Friday, October 16, 2020

Vet Day

Yesterday was Vet Day for Lee Lee, who now has no teeth. I also brought Abby, who longtime readers might remember (she's a papillon and she lives with my mum) to cut down on trips out of town. I ended up waiting at the vet for six hours, and while I brought some knitting and a stack of readings for school, my focus was pretty shot. Fortunately, Lee Lee had her dental done first, and the vet let her come out to the waiting room to hang out with me while she came out of anesthesia. After both dogs were done, we all hung out at my mum's for a few hours.

Lee Lee is pretty miserable today. She had a lot of bleeding from her mouth through yesterday evening, and it was a rough night for both of us. I ended up opening the futon and covering it with an old stained blanket so she wouldn't have to be alone in the kitchen. She's still in a lot of pain, but I did manage to get a painkiller into her this morning (at least, I'm 90% sure I got it in her).

The plan for this weekend is lots of homework. Usually I get a bunch done on Thursday nights, but clearly I wasn't in any shape to do anything last night. I'm hoping that since I got that first pain pill in Lee Lee this morning that I'll be able to stay on top of it and keep her drugged up until she's not so sore anymore. It turns out it's really hard to focus when you know your best pal is hurting. She's getting spoiled with as many gentle pets as she wants, and eggs and rice for every meal, and hopefully by the end of the weekend she'll be feeling more like herself again.

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  1. Poor baby! That really sucks and I’m so sorry your baby is in pain. I hope she feels better really soon, and that you get your focus back.