Rules for Feeding the Stash

Friday, July 24, 2020

Day 133

The cuddle blanket is now about twice as large as it was when I pulled it out of the yarn closet, and it currently reaches from the floor to my chin. I feel pretty good about what I think the finished size will be, and I have just a few skeins left. The only real trouble with this right now is that it takes a bit of effort to turn it at the end of each row, but I still manage a pretty good rhythm when I'm working on it. There's a heat advisory here from noon today all through tomorrow, so with any luck I'll be able to bang out a big chunk of this while hiding in the air conditioning.

I've been fighting some kind of stomach bug this week—I must have eaten something bad, but I can't figure out what it must have been. Or it's stress. My GI tract doesn't really handle stress well, and let me tell you, as someone with both a GI disease and an anxiety disorder, that's a lot of fun. I've been eating lots of applesauce and chicken noodles, and I think I'm back to normal, or just about.

This coming Monday marks four weeks before I start grad school, and I have a pile of library books I still want to finish, so hopefully I'll get at least one of those done this weekend. My mum's garden is being productive as well, and I have a shelf full of cucumbers in my fridge to turn into pickles, so I've got a pretty full weekend ahead of me.


  1. I've never knit a blanket before, so I can only imagine what a beast it is to shift while you're working. I think I'd be tempted to learn mirror knitting just avoid it!

  2. Great blanket but I can't imagine working on it in this heat, even in the a/c. But then, I chose a mohair sweater to knit in July so which of us is craziest?? :) Hope you are feeling better now.