Rules for Feeding the Stash

Friday, July 10, 2020

Day 119

Well, it's been a while! Friday I had the day off, so I slept in and just had a lazy day at home, and Monday I had to brave my way into the city for a doctor's appointment. Not much has happened since I last chatted with you—I've been pretty bored, honestly. Nothing on tv interests me, my books aren't really interesting me, and I haven't even really felt much like knitting. I'm pretty sure it's just a quarantine slump, but man I wish it'd wrap up soon so I stop feeling so bored all the time.

The other day I pulled out my cuddle blanket, which I haven't worked on in ages—probably not since I was still living with my mum. It's been a pretty low-priority project for me, but I want the space that it's taking up in my yarn closet and it'll also count a lot towards my Stash Dash goal. It's a bit unwieldy to work on, as it's so big now, and the needles are much larger than what I usually use, so I can't really work on it for more than 30-60 minutes at a time, but it'll be great to have it finished, especially once summer's over and cuddle weather starts setting in.

I'm not really planning too much for this weekend. I have some admin work to catch up on, but I'm also hoping to take some time to just consciously be lazy in an attempt to kick this boredom streak. 

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