Rules for Feeding the Stash

Monday, June 15, 2020

Day Ninety-Four

Y'all, I've been hit hard by the organizing bug. Over the weekend I went through my fabric stash and reorganized everything—I got rid of some stuff I didn't like and I pulled out three projects worth of fabric to have at the ready when I feel like sitting on my kitchen floor and tracing patterns.

I also went through my bookshelves and pulled a lot of stuff to sell to the used bookstore in the city. Like. A lot. (Don't worry, my shelves are still pretty dang full.)

I love my stuff, and I love having lots of stuff around me, but every so often I feel the need to just blaze through and get rid of some of it. Shed the old, prepare for the new. Remove the things that aren't really serving me anymore and making space for things that I will want and love.

Because I was so busy organizing this weekend, I didn't get much knitting done—maybe four to eight rows on my ribbed shawl. That's fine; I usually get plenty of knitting done during the week. I do tend to like to get a bunch of cooking and/or baking done during the weekend, but that didn't happen either. Again, that's fine. I have butter softening and ready on my counter whenever I find a chance to throw a cake together (or cookie bars; man have I been craving cookie bars).

As always, keep washing your hands and wearing a mask. Covid numbers are not going down, and we need to protect each other. If you're protesting, thank you. Stay hydrated and keep your emergency contacts updated. If you're not protesting, keep donating to bail funds and medics and keep calling your officials and representatives. Take care of yourselves, kittens. I love you all. 

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