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Friday, June 26, 2020

Day 105

I'm low-key freaking out about the fact that I thought it'd be a good idea to sign up for the 10k-meter finish line for Stash Dash, how are all of you?

I do this thing where I make decisions without really thinking too much about them and then I spend way more time overthinking them and convincing myself I've made a mistake. Was signing up for the 10k a mistake? I joined Stash Dash late, just two weeks ago, and looking at what I'd already finished since May 22 I saw I was at 2000m already, so the 10k sounded reasonable. Now I'm sitting with two finished sleeves and an entire sweater body to go and realizing that it'll only bring me up to ~4500m once it's finished, and who knows how much time will be left in Stash Dash at that point??

Realistically, there's almost two months left. I'll probably be okay. And if I'm not, it's okay. It's a game, and no one is going to be hurt if I don't hit 10k. I know this.

But also there's a lot going on that's outside of my control and I'm a LITTLE BIT of a control freak (and by a little bit I mean A LOT) and this is something I have some control over and it makes sense that I'm clinging to it and putting pressure on myself to be in total control of this one thing. But also, there's a lot going on that's really stressful right now and I probably don't need to be putting this much extra pressure on myself.

Brains are weird.

Anyway, I finished two sleeves last night, I knit the first row of the front bottom ribbing, and I'm about a third of the way to a finished sweater, so overall I'm doing pretty good. I still have no reason to be working on a cashmere-blend sweater when it is NINETY DEGREES OUT beyond "it's for Stash Dash," but I am a free knitter and I answer to no one. 

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  1. Yes I can relate to that creating stress thing. And I’m for knitting what you want, when you want. You’ll be really happy about that sweater in November.