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Monday, June 22, 2020

Day 101

Thank you everyone, for your kind words and your support as I prepare to start grad school! It really means a lot that I have such a wonderful, supportive community here.

This weekend was pretty busy for me, but it was all good stuff! I did some planning for my design work and finished my ribbed shawl sample, and then I spent several hours yesterday watching reality tv and working on my Sazerac. This is the third time I've tried knitting this yarn, and I think this is the winning pattern. This is definitely not the time of year to be thinking about a wool/cashmere cabled pullover, but I decided to jump in and do Stash Dash this year, and I already had half the sleeves done on this. I'm knitting the sleeves two-at-a-time, which means when they're finished I'll already be a third of the way through the sweater, and sleeve island will be behind me.

I have another sweater I'm working on intermittently—it's a design sample that's been on hold for a while now while I figured out some motif placement on the fronts, but I'm ready to start work on it again. I'm hoping to have it finished and the pattern written before my fall classes start, but we'll see how it goes. I'm pretty confident that the biggest stumbling block is now behind me, but you can never know for sure until it's finished! 

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