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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Pair of FOs

Today I have not one, but TWO shiny new knits to share with you! Over the weekend I finally got around to photographing these, which have been waiting for me to take photos since the first week of January (I know, I know). Before we get into my first official FO of 2020, let's catch up on an unblogged one from last year.

You might remember this CYOA Tee that I wanted to knit for the OAL last year. I finally managed to finish the top in November and, well, this happened. I'd tried swapping out the ribbed collar for an i-cord one, and while it looked GREAT, it didn't actually fit over my head. So I threw the whole thing on my dining room table and didn't fix it until after New Year's. It took half an hour to fix.

I didn't swatch for this because I am a rebel, so it's a bit tighter than I'd planned, but it still looks great. I wish the shoulders were a touch wider, but that's all my fault, and only other people who make clothes or really care about fit will notice, so it's all fine.

Ravelry Page: Villainous CYOAT
Pattern: Choose Your Own Adventure Tee by Allyson Dykhuizen
Yarn: Cloud 9 Fiberworks Cumulonimbus, "Dr. Seuss Villain"

Now for my first official FO of 2020! I finished my Arachne on New Year's Day, so maybe I'm cheating a bit to say that I've already finished a sweater this year, but I don't care! I'm absolutely in love with this. My row gauge was off, so the whole thing is longer than written, but I'm really pleased with the finished length. I also love a deep yoke, so I'm not bothered by the extra length there as well. The black and the speckled green work as well together as I planned, and the whole thing is pretty close to my idea of a perfect sweater.

I alternated green skeins throughout, because I was using four skeins from three different dye lots. Overall, I think they blended wonderfully, although you might notice that brighter green band right underneath the colorwork. I have no idea how that happened. I didn't introduce a new skein there, I was doing the same thing I'd been doing in the rounds previous, and as you can see, it stops after a couple inches. It's a mystery.

Ravelry Page: Arachne
Pattern: Arachne by Andi Satterlund

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