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Friday, May 10, 2019

Moving On and Busy Weekends

If you're wondering if this is the newly-cast-on back for my new top, you are correct! I'm pleased with the progress I've made this week, and hopefully I'll be able to get into a regular knitting rhythm after this weekend.

We're having a brunch for my brother's graduation party, so tonight I'm going to be making a couple of coffee cakes to have on offer. I've also unfortunately let my housekeeping get away from me, and I should probably try to clean some tonight. There's a large sticky patch on one of my fridge shelves from I don't even know what, and that probably needs to get taken care of.

Tomorrow's going to be crazy busy, between my brother's graduation party and having to stop by some of my friends' kids' graduation parties, but I've managed to keep Sunday mostly open for rest and recovery.

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