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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Catching Up

Oh man, it feels like it's been forever since I've sat down to have a proper chat with you all! There's been so much going on—I went to visit my best friends in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, I had auditions for the summer musical, I came down with staph, I had to get a filling this week, and my brother is graduating from high school this weekend! No wonder I've been feeling stretched a bit thin lately!

I actually haven't knit much the past couple of weeks. It feels a bit too convenient to blame my crazy schedule, but I think that's the reality. There's just been so much going on that when I have some time to just sit, I don't feel up to knitting. I'm hoping this feeling passes soon—I had my brother's last high school concert last night, and I managed to get a few sweater rows knit during that, so hopefully my knitting's going back on the uptick.

As you can see, I'm very close to finishing the front of this new top sample. I'd hoped to be further along by now, but like I said, life's been crazy. I just have this little bit left on the left upper front, and of course the neck decreases mean that every row is just a bit shorter. I'm still tickled pink by how this is knitting up, and it's almost making me ready for summer!

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