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Friday, September 28, 2018

Sweaters and Slow Progress

It has been quite a week, and I am more than ready to have a couple days to just hide and recharge. The progress on Finn is still slow, and it looks largely the same, so no photo today. Instead, here's my Cormac, which I started almost two and a half years ago and recently pulled out of hibernation. Finn is more than a little unwieldy to carry around and work on from my purse right now, but Cormac is perfect.

September ended up being a bit of a weird month for me. In between NCFF and waiting for my story and poem to come out, I didn't get very much pattern writing done, so now I'm a bit behind. I'd love to catch up this weekend- I have three samples currently ready, and one of the patterns has been written for weeks and I just haven't sent it to my tech editor yet!

This week I've been working through AHS: Freak Show, which has been a great season so far. I've got four more episodes left, so hopefully I'll be able to make some real progress on Finn's second sleeve while I finish it up. It's finally starting to feel like fall here, and I've been craving homemade bread like crazy, so hopefully I'll manage to fit some baking in this weekend as well.

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  1. i hope this next week is calmer for you.
    You have so much going on, love. Just remember to take some time for yourself.