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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NCFF Planning

This weekend is NCFF, so I'm trying to plan what knitting to bring. I'll be working at the Info Desk for most of the weekend, and the fiber circle stays open until late every night, which means I'll have tons of knitting time and will definitely need a variety of projects.

As far as WIPs go, I'm definitely bringing Finn, my legwarmers, and Mottled Daydream. For new projects, I definitely want to bring Suloinen, Breony, and Olympic Boulevard. It's very tempting to bring along yarn for a new sweater project as well. Six projects is probably enough for three days, but I definitely don't want to get caught without something to work on, so I'll probably bring the new sweater yarn and leave it in the car, just in case.

Or, instead of a new sweater, I could dig out my Henri and my Guernsey Wrap from the WIP closet and work on those as well. They've both been languishing for a while, and it'd be good to get them finished.

Ack! See! Choosing projects to bring along is so hard! I just want to bring EVERYTHING, but I don't want to carry around fifty pounds of WIPs all weekend!

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