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Monday, October 1, 2018

Making a Trilobite

Well, a slow weekend was exactly what I needed. I went to the laundromat, baked bread, cleaned my apartment, and sat and did a lot of knitting and watched a lot of Netflix. I'm on a bit of a hat design kick right now, and in between sessions on Cormac and Finn I decided to cast on a non-design hat.

Trilobite was one of the first patterns I fell in love with way back when I first started knitting. Being a paleontologist was one of my earliest dreams, and I still love fossils and read paleontology journals today. Over the summer one of my friends sent me a bunch of yarn when she destashed, including this label-less skein of worsted weight (we think it is Mal Rios), and after finishing a hat sample at the end of last week, I decided to finally knit myself a trilobite hat.

I knit most of this while at the laundromat, and I got a few more rounds done before switching back to Finn yesterday. I'm torn- I want to finish this quickly so I can wear it everywhere, but I'm having so much fun knitting it that I never want it to end!

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