Rules for Feeding the Stash

Friday, November 3, 2017

Day Three

It's the third day of November, and I am making pretty good progress on both my novel and my sweater. I made a handy little spreadsheet to keep track of all my stitches and calculate the percentage of each part of my sweater, and I'm just short of 10% complete, which puts me in a great position for finishing this month. I'm not sure yet if I'll need to tear my house apart to look for my missing eighth ball of yarn, but I've marked on my spreadsheet how far this first ball will need to go for me to call off the search.

I've had two good writing days as well, and I'm hoping for a few more before it starts getting difficult. I'm at 5,728/50k words so far, and I'm having lots of fun with my main character and story. My goal is to write every day, but tomorrow is the annual winter bazaar up in the city, so I know I'll probably only get a couple of paragraphs written.

I also finished my Gorham for the Wayward KAL, and it just needs ends woven in and photos taken. I have a couple of cowl patterns I'm working on writing up that I want to get ready for editing this weekend as well, but with the bazaar taking up most of tomorrow, I'm not going to worry about pushing myself too hard.


  1. Love that you made a spreadsheet to track your sweater progress, that is very cool! And that colour... amazing.

  2. that green (yellow green??) is spectacular! It's going to be a lovely pop of color to wear.