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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OALing Along

I've reached the point in my OAL Hetty body where I want to be knitting anything else but the body. I'm adding quite a bit, to make this sweater hip length, and right now I'm at the point where I want to stop and measure after every repeat, and I still have a few more inches to go. I'm still enjoying it, but I'd rather be working on the button band or the sleeves.

I'm still very excited for this sweater. I can attest that this yarn is indeed extremely cozy- earlier this week at play practice I had a minor blood sugar episode and needed a little nap, and I used what I had so far of the sweater body as a little blanket to keep my arms warm. 10/10, would snuggle again. This is going to be such a great sweater once it's done.

Tonight is our first dress rehearsal for the play, and I'm hoping to pound out these last few body repeats while I'm backstage. I have quite a bit of time backstage, and I really want to get this body finished, so fingers crossed!

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