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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

White Lace

Sometimes I think that I could knit nothing but white lace and not get bored. I usually remember pretty quick that I love colors and colors are super fun, but I still maintain that white lace is reliably one of the most charming things possible to knit.

I started this a couple weeks ago, for my best friends' wedding present, then set it aside to focus on my TTTKAL knits and Chaverim. Now that Chaverim is out in the world, and I've hit a road block on my Zinone (I'm trying to get more yarn so it will cover my bosom, will keep you posted), it's clearly time to avoid casting on for anything else and pick this back up.

It really is super charming- the original pattern is for a stole, and I'm modifying it to be a table runner, so I get to cut out quite a few repeats. It's going to be both skinnier and shorter than the pattern calls for (but the pattern itself is super easy to modify, and sorry, I'm not linking to the pattern here until after the wedding, so you'll have to take my word for it).

Which is good, because there's a wedding in six weeks, and I've got half a repeat done so far.

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