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Friday, May 19, 2017

Sweaters and Weekends

Well, I for one know that if I have to show you another progress pic of my Psychedelic CYOAT with the promise "it's almost done," I'll scream. So here's the back piece of my Rhombille. I'm still loving everything about this sweater, and hopefully I won't be too bored knitting the back (it's identical to the front up to partway through the sleeves). It is a quick and engaging knit, so I shouldn't have too much trouble, but you can never be too certain with second piece syndrome.

I managed to cut off a piece of the top of my middle finger on my right hand, which is making quite a few things more difficult than they should be. Fortunately, knitting isn't one of them, but I'm having lots of trouble typing (especially bad when I'm working on a computer all day!) and putting my hair up. I'm keeping it clean and covered and going through tons of antibiotic ointment, so hopefully I'll have some new skin cover there soon and everything will go back to normal.

There's been a cold front here the past couple days, and it's supposed to last through the weekend, along with some rain. I'm really looking forward to cozying up on the couch with the dogs and knitting. Sunday is my friend's dance recital, but other than that, I don't have to be anywhere. I have a couple of big weekends coming up (my friend's bachelorette party and wedding!), so I'm really looking forward to a couple more slow weekends.


  1. Is there anything more frustrating to a crafter than hand/wrist/arm injuries? I'm glad that you're taking care of yourself and that it's not slowing you down too much. Enjoy the couch knitting time and the recital!

  2. Ouch, that injury sounds super painful and impractical! I hope it gets better soon. I am really digging the blue colour of that yarn <3

  3. Ouch! Hope your finger heals quickly. Just before Christmas, I removed the center strip of thumbnail with a cheese grater. A cheese grater! Good grief!! I couldn't do anything. If I put my hands in water, the remaining edge pieces of nail would flop around, the bandage was too large to fit through the scissors hole so I couldn't wrap gifts and for a week or so, if I pressed the pad of my thumb on anything too hard (think angry typing,) it would start to bleed again. It was awful but luckily it healed quickly & surprisingly, I could still knit, albeit, very slowly and only with very smooth yarn that didn't snag on the bandage. Anyway.... wishing you a speedy recovery. Love that sweater pattern!