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Monday, May 15, 2017

Cast Lists and Crop Tops and Bikes, Oh My!

The cast list for community theater is supposed to go up today (of course, they haven't told us what time today, and I know that they don't know for sure, and the anticipation is driving me crazy). In the meantime, my Psychedelic CYOAT is getting bigger.

I'm just two or three rounds from separating the body and sleeves, and once that happens it'll all come together pretty quickly. I still love these colors, although the dye is rubbing off a lot while I'm knitting- I think that a good soak will take care of that though.

Yesterday my mum and I went to the city to look at bikes for me. My main ride right now is an old mountain bike I've had since middle school, and the breaks aren't great, and it makes lots of noise when I ride it, and it really doesn't fit me well. I still have my Schwinn Le Tour, but that's a touch big for me, and it just doesn't work for general town riding- I can't see traffic when I'm riding it, and I can't really carry anything on it.

We ended up finding a great step-through hybrid cruiser that felt really great to ride, and I was super excited to get it all set up and show you all. But when I started filling the tires after we got home, the tire blew, and I decided to return it instead of replace the tube and tire. So I'm back on the mountain bike for now, but hopefully I'll find another great bike soon.

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  1. oh wow, you are so fast!! Looks amazing.

  2. Is that a cotton yarn you're using? I used a cotton yarn with the same awesome colors and the dye rubbed off sooo much on my fingers! It was worth it though, as it came out looking so cool.