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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Selfish Sweatering

My Wainthropp is a bit of a tangle right now, which is making it difficult to carry around. I'm still using this as my lunch knitting, but it takes a few more minutes for me to get it all sorted to start working on. I'm about a repeat away from the body ribbing as written, but I want to see if I can squeeze in another inch or so. Therefore I've started a sleeve while  the body stitches are all still live and attached to their own ball.

I'm almost done the sleeve cap shaping on this first sleeve. I'm not doing full length sleeves on this one-I'm planning for the sleeves to be just over elbow-length. I originally planned to do both sleeves, then finish the body, but now I'm thinking it'll be much easier to finish the first sleeve, weigh the remnants from the sleeve ball, and set enough yarn for the second sleeve aside while I finish the body. That'll split up sleeve island a bit and make this whole project a bit easier to carry around.

This KAL goes through February 14, so I'm not too worried about running out of time. I'm really loving how this is coming together, and I'm excited to get it finished so I can start some other sweaters I have planned for this year.

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  1. A sweater for yourself and a KAL bonus points! The colorway is pretty.

  2. I love the tweedy yarn you chose for this! And the 3/4 sleeves are going to be great, I love that sleeve length.

  3. I love the tweedy yarn too :) I was thinking about starting a sweater but maybe after I finish a few shawls. Love the progress!