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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More KALing

I'm wearing my new crop top today, and I promise to have FO pictures for you all on Friday. I decided to count that top as a second TTTKAL project, and now I'm well back to work on my Make Up Your Mind and my TPCT.

Both of these projects are almost at good milestones-TPCT is just a couple of rounds away from dividing for the sleeves, and Make Up Your Mind is just a scant inch away from dividing the front and back. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape for both KALs, and I'm really excited with how may awesome new summer tops I'm coming out with.

I'm working on some crafting plans for the summer right now. I'm really tempted to do the OAL with Lladybird and Untangling Knots this year-for a couple of reasons, my summer is going to be less busy than it has been in the past, and community theatre rehearsals won't start until the last week of June, so I should be able to finally swing it! I'd also like to finally get some sewing done, and another summer top or two knit up.

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  1. Ooo, I'm thinking of doing the OAL too! Not sure if I'll have much time for it, but I'm in need of more wardrobe staples and this might motivate me to do it already. :)

    Your Make Up Your Mind is looking awesome. Look at all of that delicious texture!!!