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Friday, May 20, 2016

FO: Tallahassee Crop Top

Guys, this project was so quick, I can barely believe it! I suppose that's to be expected with a cropped tank, but sheesh! If you recall, I had this yarn left over from my Cam Tee sample last summer, and I'd hoped to make a crop top with it, but hadn't identified a pattern. When Tallahassee came out earlier this year, I knew it would be perfect for this orange, and I think I was right!

I'd been planning on saving this top for a mid-summer project, but then I found this skirt at one of the thrift stores in town and the oranges match perfectly-plus, how often do you find the perfect high-waist maxi skirt? Less than a week later, I had a finished crop top, and I'm just as pleased as punch. I love this outfit, and I have at least two more skirts that this top will go great with.

I did make a couple of mods on this. Most obviously, it's cropped, and I added two more sets of waist decreases before knitting the bottom ribbing. For the straps, I knew I wanted wider straps than the pattern called for, so the top would be a bit less risque for work, so I picked up the stitches as written, but instead of doing straight ribbing, I knit eleven rounds first. There are some stitches that are kept live and picked up straight from the ribbed neckband-I did keep those as ribbed, so I have this cool epaulet-type texture on the tops of the shoulders.

Ravelry Page: Tallahassee Crop Top
Pattern: Tallahassee, by Kristen TenDyke 
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport, "Grapefruit"


  1. Well isn't this crop just perfect! And the skirt! What an awesome find.

  2. lovely top and I love when you do a photo shoot you are cute and adorable :)

  3. AAAHHH it's awesome! That colour is so perfect with your thrifted skirt. What a great find! Also, great method of widening the straps - I'm going to keep that in mind for future tanks. :)