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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On the Other Side

This is what I've looked like for the past week:
One thing about community theatre is that there's this really slow, tedious buildup over the first month or so, then there's two weeks that just ram into you like a semi and eat up all your spare time and keep you out later than you intend (I would like to state that this can be either good or bad, and usually depends on how much coffee I've had to drink).

The play's over now, and there are parts of it I'm already missing.  But I'm also glad to have some of my life back.  Tonight, I'm catching up on over two weeks worth of laundry, doing at least an hour of yoga, drinking wine with my mum, and not much of anything else unless I feel like it.

As usual, I made the most of my time backstage:
Ravelry Link: Neville's Socks
Yarn: I have no idea.  I bought it at my LYS maybe three years ago, wound it up, tossed the ball band (rookie mistake), and threw it back in stash until this past spring.  I know I've seen other people online using it, and I've already wasted a couple hours of my life trying to track down what it is.  If you do happen to recognize it, let me know, okay?  Mum's got her eyes on these, and I want to cut her off before she gets desperate.

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