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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Numbers on a Sunday

1. Yes, there is still no FO post for Firmaments yet.  I still don't have good pictures of it.  But I have worn it several times and it is a dream.  Easy to wear, easy to style, as soft as a cloud and as warm as a cuddly dog.  Fingers crossed for a day without wind soon.

2. Mottled Daydream is, as its name suggests, a dream.  I'm a bit worried about running out of yarn, especially given the picot bind-off.  I have 800 yards exactly, so if I make it, I will be cutting it much closer than I'm usually comfortable with.  I took it to the bar on Friday and we managed to avoid getting spilled on.  (Side note, I am way more surprised at how soft the cashmere is than I should be.  Wow.  I can't stop burying my face in it.)

3. Went to Captain America 2 yesterday.  It was brilliant.  My mum's sock enjoyed the movie too, and we only ran into two tiny dark-theatre-knitting speed bumps.  Nothing very noticeable or difficult to fix. 

4. Did some Spring Cleaning today.  Did a little bit of yarn storage organization, put all my books back on shelved or in piles, and condensed my fabric stash. 

5. Maybe two weeks ago I'd gone through some of my old boxes from high school in the garage and I found a bunch of coins that I'd stashed in various places.  I finally condensed all my old coin jars and hiding places into an old applesauce jar.  (There's probably not even $10 in there, but it makes me feel rich looking at it.)

6. Also cleaned my fishbowls today.  (I have three bettas: Sebastian, Cosmo, and Ada Lovelace.)  I felt so bad about how dirty the bowls had gotten, but all my babies are much happier now. 

7. Took the plastic down off the windows and put the screens back in (we take the screens out for winter so the view isn't obstructed at all).  I've had the windows open for the past two days straight to air out my room and it's glorious.  I only get a short period of time in between seasons that I can have my windows open before it gets too cold or too hot again, so I am prepared to enjoy every minute of this that I can.

Hope you're all having a good and productive weekend as well!

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