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Friday, April 5, 2024

And Now We Are Ten

Good news, I managed to get a replacement needle for the sweater I shared last week, and last night I reached the divide of the fronts and back. It's looking like a large blob right now—the craft store didn't have a 36-inch needle, so I'm making do with a 29-inch one, and I also never move front/back stitches to holders or waste yarn, I just keep everything on the circ. In the meantime, Coleslaw did manage to get a hold of another sweater WIP, but she only managed one or two chews on that needle, so it's still useable. 

I realized as I was sitting down to write this post that this year marks my tenth anniversary of designing. In fact, I blew past the official tenth anniversaries of my first blog post and my first pattern just last month. We were all, of course, very different people in ten years ago, but I do look back at the Kat of 2014 with a great deal of fondness. I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today without her, and I'm glad I took the plunge into designing. 

Anyway, here's some photos from the past week. My mother visited last weekend, which was really nice, and we got me a new Raggedy Ann and Andy at the antiques mall. 

I've also been dyeing some bare yarns I had lying around my stash—this one was dyed years ago with red cabbage and turmeric, but I hadn't used enough dyestuff, so the skeins were very faint. I overdyed these with even more turmeric last night, and they're hanging in my shower to dry now. I think these will become a shawl sample, once I've finished up at least one of the sweater samples I'm currently knitting on.

Speaking of sweater samples, here's the WIP that I managed to rescue from Coleslaw before she did too much damage. I had to rip out and re-cast on this piece eight times because I kept messing up the stitch counts, but I have now made it through all of the ribbing and TWO (2) full repeats of the cable pattern, and I'm smitten. The yarn is a worsted weight mystery wool, and it's lovely and rustic and crunchy—exactly what I'm into right now. 


  1. I love the yarn you dyed! Do you just have the turmeric loose in the water, or do you put it in some kind of filter?